Draven Reviews: Foresight by Oliver Smith

approved Title: Foresight
Artist: Oliver Smith
Producers: SansMinds Productions
Link: Available From Your Favorite Murphy’s Magic Retailer.
Retail Price: 34.95
Learning Difficulty: Easy
Length of DVD: 21 Minutes
Notes: Some Assembly Required


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A powerful highbred between visual magic, mentalism, and moving ink!

My jaw hit the table when I saw this demo.  Six ESP symbols (Zenner) are placed on the table.  These are drawn on the backs of playing cards and the spectator selects a symbol.  Your prediction is on the table in an envelope and when you open it to show the spectator you’re wrong!  Crap… Well with a magical wave of the card the ink on the card begins to move and realign itself to match the spectators selected card.  You’re prediction was right after all!  It’s almost as if you had the power of Foresight.

Finally a moving ink illusion that I will use!  No mess, no fuss, easy reset, and you can end clean.  I love this.  I love this to hell and back.  The number one problem I’ve always had with moving ink illusions is the methods for making them work are often so impractical that done for anything other than a TV camera it just isn’t worth the trouble.  Propel, also from SansMinds, was the closest I’ve ever come to finding a moving ink plot that I actually liked, but now I have Foresight.  Stop the bus, let me off here.

You’ll need to build a gimmick and the DVD will teach you how, but once it’s built this thing will last you a long time.  I’ve been using mine for a couple weeks now and it’s a powerhouse when it comes to visual effects.  Chris is a great teacher too.  He’s got so much energy that he’s as entertaining to watch as he is to learn from.  Once you’ve got the gimmick built you’ll need to spend a few minutes mastering the handling.  It’s a quick trick to learn though, so that’s good to know.  The best thing is thanks to a very special secondary gimmick provided you can switch out the card with moving ink on it for a duplicate.  That means the spectator can take it home with them and have nowhere to go when trying to explain how this works!

This is a great trick for walk around, street magicians, and even mentalists.  The visual nature of this trick makes it a home run with any audience watching.  The reset takes just a few moments, and can be done with your back turned to the audience if you need to.  Overall I loved Foresight!  This is effect that went straight into my performance case and hasn’t left since.

When I give my product scores below I am measuring them on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 Being absolute the worst score possible, and 10 being the absolute best, making a score of five average. The four points that I grade upon is Product Quality, Teaching Quality, Sound & Video Quality and Overall Quality.

Product Quality: 8
Solid trick, and a great price.  The gimmick is easy to build which makes replacing it when it wears out easy.

Teaching Quality: 8
Love Chris and love his teaching style on the DVD.  He’s fun and easy to learn from.

Video & Sound Quality: 9
Great video and sound.

Overall Quality: 8
Love it.  This is a must own if you like mentalism, visual magic, and moving ink illusions.

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