So Why Should You Use The Draven Reviews?

So I’ve been writing reviews now for a little over a couple years and one of the question’s I get asked a lot is “What makes your reviews better than anyone else?”

Admittedly there’s a lot of options when it comes to magic reviews.  You’ve got review columns in most magic magazines like Geni, and Magic Magazine etc.  But what you don’t have in those column’s is the Draven Reviews.  But what makes my two cents worth so much more to you?  Because my reviews are unlike anything I’ve seen on the market yet.


My reviews are in depth, thorough, and brutally honest.  Just because I respect an artists work, or have a friendship with them doesn’t mean they get a free pass on my review.  I’ll call a steaming pile of dog crap out for what it is, and while that opinion may not be liked very much (usually by the creative force behind the product) I feel that it is generally appreciated by the community who read my reviews overall and that’s who I write for anyways;  The community, not the artists.  When you read my review you can depend on them being more than just “I like this.  Buy it.” Because I’ll tell you why you should like it.  Why you need to buy it.  I try to focus on addressing what tricks are practical for what situations, and how easy the gimmicks (if there are any) are to use or build.  When a product has earned the Draven Seal of Approval you know at a quick glance that the product is something that is either good or bad.

No Hidden Surprises:

A lot of magic tricks sold on the market rely on a certain unknown element to sell themselves to you.  That unknown element has often been the result of disappointment, or anger when you finally get the product home, opened up, and then you realize that had you known XYZ before you bought it, then it would have altered your buying decisions.  I try to catch these little disillusionments and call them out for what they are.  If you read my reviews then I try to arm you with as much viable material to form a solid purchasing decision as I can.

Freelance Opinions:

I am not paid for my time!  I can’t stress this enough.  I write these reviews out of my love and dedication to the art of magic and the community that performs and collects magic.  This for me is a labor of love, not something that I do because I’m paid or compensated for it.  That means that you know my seal of approval (or occasionally disapproval) is honestly earned by the products and not paid for or bought by a sponsoring party.  While I try to keep my reviews to a weekly schedule because they are produced in my free time, they are subject to fluctuation in my posting habits.

No Exposure:

I typically try to write my reviews with a biased against exposing the magic methods involved unless the artist has given me permission, it’s utterly unavoidable given the nature of what the product is, or I feel the product itself is misleading in its advertisement with regards to what it is or does.

Range and Depth of Information Provided:

I don’t just tell you about the product; I tell you about the price, where you can buy it, link trailers when applicable, the run times of the DVD’s, who the artists are, who produces it, and just about every other vital bit of information I can dig up on a product.  My reviews give you a lot more in depth knowledge about a magic product other than you should buy it.  Not only do I tell you that you should own it (or not) but I’ll tell you where you can go to get one too!

So having said all of that I know there’s a lot of options out there when it comes to getting reviews on your favorite magic tricks.  Whether you get your information from the magic magazines you subscribe to or you chose to go online to your favorite magic forum I want to thank you personally for reading my reviews, and subscribing to my blog.  You are the reason why I started this endeavor a couple of years ago, and the driving force why I keep doing it even to this day.  I hope that you feel better informed about your purchasing decisions after reading one of my reviews and I’d love to hear your feedback as well!  Please tell your friends about me, link me, and subscribe to me.  I need all the followers I can get.  If you are a producer of magic, independent artist, or a magic production company, and you want to have me review one of your products then please reach out to me and let me know.  I can be reached personally at

Thanks so much for choosing the Draven Reviews as your go to source for information on what’s hot and what’s not in the magic world.  I’ll see you back here for the next review!


About William Draven

William Draven is a professional magician and sideshow performer living in Los Angeles, California. Follow him on Twitter at WilliamDraven or on facebook at
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