Draven Reviews: PS I <3 U: By Steve Shufton


Title: PS I ❤ U

Author: Steve Shufton

Publicist: Steve Shufton

Link: http://www.shufton.com/Magic/PS_-_I_Love_You-/ps_-_i_love_you-.html

Retail Price: $20.00 USD

Effect Difficulty: Easy

Number of Pages: 21

Notes: This will require the use of your business cards, and a pen or marker. This product is also available in many stores worldwide.


  • Soft Cover

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I got PS I<3 U: A Prediction System You Will Love. I haven’t read any existing reviews on it and by the name alone I wasn’t sure if this was going to be some pick up magic thinly wrapped in magic to somehow make it less creepy. Delightfully it was none of that! PS I ❤ U is quite a useful and versatile prediction system created by the crafty mind of Steve Shufton and it has quite a number of interesting uses.

If this is your first review of mine you’ve read then I’ll tell you something my readers who have been with me longer already know: I love utility things. Props, moves, gimmicks, if it’s something that can be taken out of the box it comes in, and applied to a wide range of applications I am usually head over heels over them. The nice thing about PS I ❤ U is that it falls into this kind of omni-use category. The system is simple enough to use for the basic trick it comes with that you’ll impress spectators but veritable enough to be applied to your own routines or creations. Steve even invites you to email your ideas to him and if he gets enough he’ll publish a follow up companion.

Every now and again when you’re learning new magic tricks you come across a new idea that makes you slap your forehead and wonder why you didn’t come up with it first. I had one of those moments looking over Steve’s material. The method involved in this system left me thinking “Well duh, and why the @$^# didn’t I think of that!?” The mechanics of the system are easy enough that you’ll pick it up pretty quickly meaning you have more room to worry about presentation.

Another brilliant thing about Steve’s prediction system is that you get a perfect excuse to not only use your business cards but get them into the hands of potential clients. Everyone should have at least one magic trick they do with business cards. Out To Lunch seems like the usual favorite, but failing that now you have PS I ❤ U as well. Use it well!

The system comes complete with five different tricks you can perform using the PS I ❤ U system. They are:

The Star Gazers: A Magi mixes up six business cards after numbering them one through six on the backs and drawing a star on them. The Magi places a prediction aside, and the spectator picks a card, any one, and it matches the prediction!

The Star Gazers Second Divination: You draw out another prediction, place it down on the table and repeat the effect being right a second time.

The Power of Colors: You make a prediction based upon reading the aura of the spectator. They name six primary colors and you write them down one at a time on the backs of the business cards. They are mixed up, the spectator picks one, and you match their selected color with your prediction!

What’s in a Name: You have two spectators help you with this effect. You have them give you their names, and then you write other random names, including the other spectator on the remaining cards. You turn them all face down and mix. Both spectators pick a card, and both cards picked have their names written on it!

The Invisible Coin: A spectator is asked to choice between an imaginary quarter, nickel, and dime. Toss it into the air and call out what side it lands on. Before they do so you pull out a business card and place it on the table as a prediction. They call the coin and side, you turn the business card over and it matches!

I found all the tricks to be pretty easy to pick up and practical to perform. You’ll need to set up your next business cards to be printed in a way specified in the instructions, if they aren’t already but that shouldn’t alarm anyone. It’s not really anything too special and any place you get your business cards from already will be able to do it for you.

All of the magic suggested in this book is fairly practical for anything from casual walk around to intimate close up. I think the biggest asset it provides, is as I’ve already said, a solid reason to introduce your business card in a way that is sure to make an impression with the spectator. It’s a win – win. This product has earned the Draven’s Seal of Approval. Make sure you check this out, because you’re going to want to use this.

When I give my product scores below I am measuring them on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 Being absolute the worst score possible, and 10 being the absolute best, making a score of five average. The four points that I grade upon is Product Quality, Teaching Quality, Readability and Overall Quality.

Product Quality: 8

This is a fun little product. It’s flexible, and can be applied in more ways than what is covered in the book.

Teaching Quality: 8

The effects are easy to learn, and fun to play with.

Readability: 8

This is a quick read.

Over All Quality: 8

I liked it. It was a pleasant surprise, and I plan to use this with my business cards in the future. I recommend PS I ❤ U!

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