Draven Reviews: The Search Engine Pen by Jeff Prace

 not approvedTitle: The Search Engine Pen

Artist: Jeff Prace

Producers: Jeff Prace

Retail Price: $9.95 USD

Learning Difficulty: Easy


  • Printed Instruction Sheet
  • Gimmicked Pen
  • Non Gimmicked Pen

This is going to be a quick review.  What is the Search Engine Pen?  It’s a Hot Rod but designed to look more organic like an everyday object people are familiar with.  Hence why it is a pen.  You’re still going to do the same old color force, but instead of little gem stones changing colors the word on the pen “Coogle” changes from the multi colored logo to the spectators “selected” color, via your favorite force.  Once everything is over you just switch the gimmicked version for the non gimmicked one (if you feel you need to) and hand it out for inspection.  The instructions are half a page long, and explain how to do the paddle move if you’ve never seen a Hot Rod before.  All in all it’s a simple trick to learn, and it’s easy to perform.

However fun a Hot Rod is to use Jeff scores zero points for originality with this prop.  The pen is called the “Search Engine Pen” and the colored logo would lead you to believe that it says “Google”, a popular internet search engine.  Hell even the way Jeff holds the pen up in the video would give you the impression that it says “Google” because he’s intentionally covering part of the first letter.  Your pen doesn’t say Google.  It says “Coogle”, which more than likely was Jeff’s attempt to ditch a copy right infringement case on behalf of the internet search engine.  So instead of calling it a “Search Engine Pen”, why don’t we just call it “The Cheap Generic Knockoff Pen” instead?  Maybe this would be a great opportunity to throw in a badly placed “made in China” joke?

So why is having a pen with the fake company Coogle such a bad thing?  Because Jeff is trying to sell you on buying his more organic version of a hot rod that instead of being more organic, just comes off looking like a pathetic knock off.  Honestly if I really wanted to I could just go gaff a white Bic pen using some of my nieces stickers and get a better looking effect.  Or I could just use one of the half dozen Hot Rods that I already own.

Overall at the end of the day you’re not going to miss much if you miss this trick.  Save your money, Jeff’s scraping the bottom of the creativity barrel on this one.  I expect more from you sir.  You’re better than this.

When I give my product scores below I am measuring them on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 Being absolute the worst score possible, and 10 being the absolute best, making a score of five average. The four points that I grade upon is Product Quality, Teaching Quality, Sound & Video Quality and Overall Quality.

Product Quality: 2

Great idea.  Absolute fail with the search engine company name.

Teaching Quality: 5

The instructions are easy to read, and easy to follow.

Video & Sound Quality: N/A

This doesn’t count because it’s not a video.

Overall Quality: 2

Other products do this better.  How organic the Hot Rod is barely factors in when you consider the name is a knock off.

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About William Draven

William Draven is a professional magician and sideshow performer living in Los Angeles, California. Follow him on Twitter at WilliamDraven or on facebook at www.facebook.com/thewilliamdraven
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