Draven Reviews: At the Table with Chris Rawlings

 approvedTitle: At The Table

Artist: Chris Rawlings

Producers: Murphy’s Magic

Link: Available At Your Favorite Murphy’s Magic Dealer


Demo Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0Plox1fjN4

Retail Price: $9.95 USD

Learning Difficulty: Easy

Length of DVD:  3 hours (Approx.)

Notes: Some Gimmick Construction Required.



The latest At The Table from Murphy’s Magic brings the talented fertile mind of Chris Rawlings to the table to perform and then talk about some mind bending mentalism routines built to work in the real world.


This download is a massive three hours of solid material covering a range of topics from chair tests, drawing duplications, gimmick constructions, card tricks, and more.  As a performer, Chris is intriguing but as a teacher he tends to get a bit dry and rambles on a touch much.


The material covered is playable for parlor or closeup, though I can see some things like his chair test even working on a large stage too.  Everything is super practical and gives maximum flexibility to the magician to focus on presentation.  On this download you’ll learn the following effects:


In this Order: Chris’s personal chair test routine.

Reveal: Chris tips how to construct a gimmick used to do drawing duplications for parlor or stage for less than $10 bucks.

Drop Card: A card effect where one spectator finds another spectator’s thought-of card with their eyes closed.

Part Two: Chris’s ending to his drop card routine that completely hands off.

Drop Card 2.0: Chris’s go-to version of Drop Card from earlier in the lecture.

Scary Movie Extended: A modular, three-phase routine that deals with favorite movies divined by the performer.

I.D.D: A drawing duplication routine ideal for the internet age.  This can be done over Skype or the like.

This Belongs To: A zodiac style prediction effect.

The Single Truth: A simple, and clean way to find out something special about your spectator.

Invisible Deck Safety Net: Chris’s take on the Invisible Deck that will leave the performer speechless.

Pseudo: A super easy three-phase pseudo card-memory routine.


There will be some arts and crafts involved with constructing a couple of the required gimmicks, fortunately the props are easy to make and easier to duplicate once you’ve done it once or twice.  Chris’s style is typical with most modern working mentalists, and that style is minimalist at best.  Nothing he uses looks like a fancy prop, and most of what he does looks like he set it up back stage minutes before walking out.  So, hurray for not needing fancy expensive props.  Paper, markers, bull dog clips, a suit jacket, and you’re good to go!


For the working mentalist or someone looking to get started this is a wonderful download.  If you can push thru some of his drier material and frequent ramblings there’s a lot of really useful routines inside.  I highly recommend this one.


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About William Draven

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