Draven Reviews: Larry’s Bag by Mago Larry

approved Title: Larry’s Bag

Artist: Mago Larry

Producers: Mago Larry

Link: Available At Your Favorite Murphy’s Magic Dealer


Demo Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQkifPo1EtQ

Retail Price: $45.00 USD

Learning Difficulty: Easy



God, I love me a good utility device in magic and that’s exactly what Larry’s Bag is; an incredibly versatile device used to force billets, bills, cards, words, or any other small object that you can fit in the bag.  This thing is a godsend!


This unassuming bag comes with a small square cut card that has the instructions printed on it in the form of an online video link and password.  The video is short, and covers what the bag is and how to operate it.  It also gives you a couple different presentation ideas to get you started, however if you purchase the Larry’s Bag I think you’ll have to agree with me that the applications of this bag isn’t limited to the narrow scope of the tutorial video.  The only complaint I have about the card is that it’s such a small square of paper that I somehow managed to lose the card while I was playing with the bag in preparation to writing this review.  Embarrassingly enough that’s a first for me.  I’m holding out hope that it’ll show up before I finish, so I can put in the usual information on video length etc.  But that isn’t in the review by the time you’re reading it you’ll know why.  Maybe as a consumer note to producers, don’t print your instructions on paper small enough to be lost and easily misplaced?  I don’t blame you for my stupidity mind you, but I am saying that a larger paper would be helpful.  Business card size would be enough.  I digress.


The bag itself is made of a sturdy mesh material and the secret compartment locks magnetically making the bag able to be handled, and opened by the spectator without fear of them catching you out.  In fact, that’s a huge selling point for it.  The spectator does all the work for you without realizing it.  The bag is cleverly constructed so to hold out the forced object(s) in a way that is invisible making the bag appear empty.  The spectator then loads the bag themselves with whatever object you’re using in your show, playing cards, words, newspaper shreds, etc, the bag is shaken up mixing everything, and then they get to open the zipper shut bag and pull out a “random” bit of whatever.  By the time you get that far in the presentation the hard work is already done and there is nothing to clean up because you’re so far ahead there’s no way you can back track.  It’s a nice little miracle!


Larry’s Bag is ideal for stage or parlor.  I can also see it being a strong street option as well.  It looks like a mesh pencil bag that has a zipper on it.  It looks like something you’d expect a student to carry with them, or something like what my ex would put her art supplies in.  It doesn’t scream magic prop and that’s going to appeal to a lot of people.  The angles are nonexistent, and this thing should hold up well for a long time with proper care.  If you plan to use any device for switching or forcing, then you need to look into Larry’s Bag.  It’ll be the last one you buy!



When I give my product scores below I am measuring them on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 Being absolute the worst score possible, and 10 being the absolute best, making a score of five average. The four points that I grade upon is Product Quality, Teaching Quality, Sound & Video Quality and Overall Quality.


Product Quality:  8

The construction is good, the quality is nice, and the price is fair.  It doesn’t look like a prop.


Teaching Quality: 7

I’ve seen better videos, but it gets the point across.


Video & Sound Quality: 7

Not bad quality on sound and video.


Overall Quality: 9

Very useful product!  I love it!  I’ll be using this in my show for a long time for sure.



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About William Draven

William Draven is a professional magician and sideshow performer living in Los Angeles, California. Follow him on Twitter at WilliamDraven or on facebook at www.facebook.com/thewilliamdraven
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