Draven Reviews: Double Duke by Michael Kociolek

approvedTitle: Double Duke

Artist: Michael Kociolek     

Producers: Michael Kociolek

Link: https://www.lybrary.com/double-duke-p-922488.html

Retail Price: $8.00 USD

Learning Difficulty: Advanced

Length of PDF:  33 Pages



Apparently gambling routines are among the most exciting card affects you can perform for an audience, or at least that’s what Darwin Ortiz once said.  Granted given the scope of his work I’d say his opinion is a little more than slightly biased, but I digress.  We’re here today to discuss another mind bender from Polish magician Michael Kociolek; A gambling routine he calls “Double Duke”.


Have you ever wanted to convince your friends you have godly powers at cheating cards without requiring the skill, and time spent learning it, of Peter Turner?  Michael has created a beautiful routine with cards that will certainly give your audience the illusion that you possess incredible skills at card cheating.  In your audience’s eyes, you very well maybe better than Erdnase.  Or Daniel Madison at the very least.


In Kociolek’s Double Duke routine you present a gambling plot where, in the end, no one wins.  This may sound a little odd, but it’s great for audiences that don’t play poker and thus don’t know the strength of the individual hands.  In Kociolek’s routine you explain the technique of Double Duking, which is dealing your opponents good hands so they bet, only to lose to you who secretly deals yourself the strongest hand.  At the end of the routine of course the magician has proven his prowess with cards and came out the winner.


The routine is ideal for being an opener because it sets up your skill as a card shark.  It has a lot of audience participation and doesn’t require anyone to understand how to really play poker to enjoy the performance.  The draw backs?  This requires the ability to perform Faro shuffles.  If you’re not savvy with a Faro shuffle there are alternative handlings that use partial to no Faro shuffles.  It just depends on which version appeals to you the most.


As far as presentation, there is a lot going on.  Cards being selected, culled, controlled, story telling and exposition, spectator participation, this routine has a lot of moving parts.  But when pulled off the audience will be absolutely convinced that you are a god with cards.


Would I recommend this?  Absolutely!  It’s a fun routine, and it has some strong moments.  It’s a lot of work though, so I think that will keep the curious away.  If you like gambling routines, then deal yourself in with Double Duke!





When I give my product scores below I am measuring them on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 Being absolute the worst score possible, and 10 being the absolute best, making a score of five average. The three points that I grade upon is Product Quality, Teaching Quality, and Overall Quality.


Product Quality: 8

Fun routine.  Lots of audience participation.


Teaching Quality: 8

Three handlings to choose from, and all expertly taught.


Overall Quality: 8

A superb gambling demonstration plot!



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