The Draven Reviews

I have been involved with magic since I was a boy.  In my nearly 29 years I have seen some of the most amazing magic tricks out there, I’ve also seen some pretty bad ones too.  Whether you are a hobbyist, a working professional, or something in between nothing is more aggravating than buying a trick with your hard earned money only to get it home and realize that it’s not what you thought it was.  You can’t return it so what do you do?  You throw it into a drawer and it never sees the light of day again.

This is why I started doing the Draven Reviews.   I wanted to provide the magic community with an honest review of popular products from the perspective of the common consumer.  I’m just like you.  I work hard at my day job to fund my collection of magic DVD’s, books, and props from the money I earn.  My opinion is unbiased, and not bought by magic companies.  I do not get paid to produce these reviews.  I do this on my own time, and often out of my own pocket.  I do my best to tell the consumer what they need to know to make an informed purchase without giving away the secrets.  I try to keep the integrity of the magic intact.

So if you want a good review on a magic product that is brutally honest, unbiased, and strait forward then look no further.  Please subscribe to my page and check back here once every week or so for updates.  You know a product is good if it gets my personal Seal of Approval!


Got a product you’d like to see me do a review on?  Leave me a message below and tell me what it is or where I can get it.  I’ll be more than glad to see if I can’t make that happen for you!


1 Response to The Draven Reviews

  1. Could you review pink by ran pink?


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